Throught the Wall He came.

Through the wall He came. – based on John 20v 19-23

As we were at our most fearful in he walked.


He did not use the door.

He was more real

than the walls.

More substantial

than bricks and mortar.

They were not important to him.

A man who death could not hold

is not held back by the walls we had hidden behind.

He came inside everyone.

And he smiled.

He was Jesus.

The one we knew.

We loved.

Not the twisted face of pain and torment.

The face of pain we saw upon the cross.

But the broad smile of someone

who knows the worst

but knows that deeper

it is all going to be alright.

“Peace be with you”

He stretched his arms out wide

His robe fell back showing us the wounds

that bought our freedom

We ran to him

full of disbelief

and certainty.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Miss Martha Shaw says:

    This is very clever in the way you can see all the different emotions in the disciples.


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