A Bedtime Story

In the beginning…

Right at the beginning. Before anything?

Yes, before anything.


God created the heavens and the earth.

I like creating thing. Do you think God planned it or was it just like when I do junk modelling?

I am very sure it was planned.


The earth was formless and empty…

Like a blob?

Maybe like a blob…

Can you imagine living on a blob shaped earth?

I am glad God made it into a ball, but I am skipping ahead.


There can’t have been nothing because God was there. So it wasn’t totally empty.

That is a good point. I think it means there wasn’t any earth stuff there.


… and darkness covered the deep waters.

like at night when you turn my light out.

Even darker. No light peeking round the door. Nothing.


And the Spirit of the God brooded over the face of the waters.

So, we have a blobby earth, some water and darkness. Not much to create with.

But remember the Spirit. That is all you need.

What was made next?


Light! But God didn’t just put stuff together. He spoke the words and then…

CLICK – the light went on?

Yes just like that. The light was good.

The light was good.


God decided it wouldn’t be light all the time so he made day and night.

That was good too. It is hard to sleep in the day.


Next God separated the blob of earth and the waters. So the earth was round and the sky was made.

Did God squish it into shape like playdoh?

No, although He is strong enough. He just spoke it and the things obeyed.

I am meant to obey you.

Yes, you are.


The earth was still covered with water.

Did God leave the tap running?


So God spoke and made dry land and then he spoke and all sorts of plants grew all over it.

Did they grow super fast like on tv when they fast forward things?

Well, the bible says it grew that day, so I guess it must have done.

I would like to have seen that!

Me too. God saw it all and it was good.

The plants were all good.


Next were the sun and moon and stars.

That must have been a busy day. There are a lot of stars and you can’t just plant then like seeds.


God made them all, every single one, and it was all good.

The stars are all good. That is a lot of good shining out there.

I like that thought.


So the land was covered in plants but the sea and the sky were empty. So…

God made the birds and the fish?

That is right. He spoke and …

they appeared! Where they good too?

They were good.

Fish and birds are good.


What do you think comes next?

The animals!

For made all sorts of animals, from big, huge ones to teeeny tiny ones and what do you think God said?

The animals were all good!

That is right.


Then last of all God made humans.  But they were special. God made them in His image. To reflect God. And to rule over everything else.

Does that mean me too? Am I a reflection of God?

You were made in His image, yes.

And were humans good?



They were VERY good!

Very good. It seems that we are surrounded by good.

We are. God made us an incredible world.

And what did He do when He was finished?


He rested.

Why did He rest? Was he tired?

No. God doesn’t get tired like we do. I think it shows us that we need to rest too.

But I am not tired at all!


Just pretend it is the seventh day and it is time to sleep now.

Ok… but if I don’t sleep?

Just think about all the good that surrounds you. All made by a God who loves you.

I love God. And I love you.

I love you too.

Night night.







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